Save the date! Our next PDC is scheduled for March 14 – 27, 2021.

To learn permaculture is to become literate with the art (patterns) of nature
and as humans to learn to live more regeneratively within her systems.

– Eva Soltes, Founder/Director


I’ve taken a number of PDC’s and permaculture related workshops
over the years. This was one of the most powerful.

– Jill Giegerich

I am still reveling in the wonderment of the past two weeks.
Warren’s special way of teaching will stay with me forever.

– Julia Ehret

Our Mission

The Harrison House Arts & Ecology Center is dedicated to the practice and teaching of drylands permaculture and to providing a place for artists to explore the intersection of art and ecology.

Our Commitments & Projects

We are committed to practicing & teaching accessible home-scale solutions for:
– Sustainable water usage
– Local food production
– Building soil fertility and sequestering carbon

Our current projects include: 

– Rainwater-harvesting earthworks to support native trees for food, shade &
wind protection
– Rooftop-rainwater-harvesting systems
– Greywater-fed “oasis zones” for fruit production
– Soil regeneration
– Propagation of edible and medicinal native plant species
– Water-efficient vegetable gardening systems
– Growing the local culture of ecological awareness and stewardship
– Arts and Environment residencies and volunteer programs