Our Mission

The Harrison House Arts & Ecology Center is dedicated to the practice and teaching of drylands permaculture and to providing a place for artists to explore the intersection of art and ecology.

Learn about our Arts & Ecology site through this film made by Camila Begui and Eduardo Alves Pereira as part of their series “Stories about Sustainability.”

“To learn permaculture is to become literate with the art (patterns) of nature and as humans to learn to live more regeneratively within her systems.”
– Eva Soltes, Founder/Director

Our Commitments & Projects

We are committed to practicing & teaching accessible home-scale solutions for:
– Sustainable water usage
– Local food production
– Building soil fertility and sequestering carbon

Our current projects include: 

– Rainwater-harvesting earthworks to support native trees for food, shade &
wind protection
– Rooftop-rainwater-harvesting systems
– Greywater-fed “oasis zones” for fruit production
– Soil regeneration
– Propagation of edible and medicinal native plant species
– Water-efficient vegetable gardening systems
– Growing the local culture of ecological awareness and stewardship
– Arts and Environment residencies and volunteer programs
– Youth education