Lou Harrison: A World of Music — a film by Eva Soltes

Lou Harrison: A World of Music is an intimate portrait of Lou Harrison, artist, writer and activist who followed his own dreams for over seven decades. Trading a fast-paced New York career for a remote cabin in the woods, Harrison embraced artistic playfulness over the business of composing. Experimenting freely with western, eastern and custom-made instruments,  Harrison forged a new course for 20th century music.

Eva and louThe documentary is directed and produced by filmmaker and music producer, Eva Soltes and is the culmination of two decades of documentation and research resulting in film of more than 300 hours of taped performances, rehearsals, and interviews that were made with Lou Harrison, his life partner William Colvig, and Harrison’s contemporaries and associates. Lou Harrison’s hauntingly beautiful music is interwoven throughout the documentary, illustrating his life with the stylistic changes in his work. Over sixty years of archival imagery helps to paint a comprehensive, yet lyrical portrait of the man, his times and his legacy.

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